Variation in price

You’ll find a lot of price variations because of many factors. For instance you could choose to secure the services of a licensed conveyancer instead of a solicitor and you’ll find that the solicitors will be more expensive. It’s fairly obvious that the bigger the practice and the higher in numbers the partners and staff are and the placement and grandeur of the offices are all going to contribute to higher rates of chargeable time as this is how the partners and solicitors recharge their time to be able to pay for the running of the operation.

Obviously the bigger the operation the higher the rents, rates, insurances and practice licences will be too.

It’s also based on location. You can bet that bigger cities like London, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham will have to pay more in rents and pay more in salary costs than say a rural practice based in a small town somewhere in the north of England.

You’ll also find that if you are obtaining a quotation through a middle person such as your estate agent or mortgage broker, you’ll be quoted higher than you’d expect to pay by going direct to the solicitor who will be doing the work. This is because these type of middlemen base a high part of their earnings on referral income and will think nothing of adding a few hundred pounds onto the base quotation so beware.